Peavey Heritage 2×12 Amp


This is a used Peavey Heritage 2x12 amp, its in very clean condition with minimal wear. The chrome is showing its age to the best I know this amp was built mid 80`s. It has 4 brand new Tung Sol 6L6 tubes, all the pots work fine with no scratchyness. It is missing 1 knob on the low pot on the clean channel. It has 2 channels a clean and a lead channel, there is no footswitch as it didn`t have 1 when I purchased it used a year ago. It is 130 watts power output and has a 4 ohm auxilary jack in the back to run a extra 2x12 or 4x12. The phaser and reverb work fine and this amp has 1 of the best phase shifters on the market. Its cleans are very Fenderesque, with the para-mid adjustment you can make a Strat sound like a Les Paul or a Les Paul sound like a Strat, this is one of the most versatile amps Peavey ever produced, the only reason I am selling it is I have finished total restoration and customization of a vintage Peavey Mace and no longer have a need for this amp. It will rock the house with any tone you want, it takes pedals very very well on both channels or through the effects loop on the back. If you want a loud powerful and ultimately versitile amp this IS the amp for you.

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